Pantazis Panayiotis

La Trobe University

The Torres Strait Treaty: A Possible Solution to the Aegean Conflict


The Torres Strait Treaty is considered one of the most creative solutions in international law for providing a framework for the management of Australia and Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) common border area, their respective sovereignty over certain islands in the Torres Strait and the protection of the way of life of the traditional inhabitants. In this presentation I will be discussing how the Torres Strait Treaty framework can be utilised to provide a resolution to the Aegean conflict, which involves elements such as sovereignty, sovereign rights and national security, and is impinging on Greek-Turkish bilateral relations.


Panagiotis Pantazis is a PhD candidate in the Greek Studies program, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia. He has been teaching History and Modern Greek since 2013 at independent and government schools. His research interests focus on international relations and conflict resolution.