Dr Raymond Desmond Kootji, Charles Darwin University, Kootji@hotmail.com

Professor Vemuri Sivaram, Director, Human Economics International, svemuri935@gmail.com

Understanding the Greek and Indigenous Australian interactions over a lifetime


This presentation is based on interactions between a Greek Diasporan and an Australian indigenous elder. It is an extension of our work presented at the 2022 conference on the interactions between the late self-made multi-millionaire, Mick Paspalis, and Larrakia Nerri (elder), Bundilla.

The paper highlights the time and motion contextual influences of interactions on the mindsets of the Greek diaspora and the Girdiminba. The observed narrative of the diasporic experiences of a person with Dementia in old age and the mental impact and long-term influences on the mindsets of the Greek and Indigenous Australians will be the focus of this presentation.

This presentation embraces a transdisciplinary perspective while exploring dementia and the freedom of a straddling mindset as the narrative constructively unfolds of the Greek and Indigenous Australian interactions.