Dr Bogiannidis Nikolaos

Director of Digital Learning, St John’s College


Intelligent Synergies: Leveraging Human and Artificial Intelligence for Mastery and Innovation in Modern Greek Language Education


This presentation explores the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in educational contexts, focusing specifically on the teaching and learning of Modern Greek. It examines the multifaceted roles AI can assume, from creating resources to personal tutoring, and critically assesses the opportunities and risks associated with its use in education.

Learning is a dynamic interplay between individuals and their environment, which mutually influence and shape each other. This interaction forms the crux of educational experiences, posing important questions about the purpose and methods of learning at various life stages. In this context, AI emerges as a powerful tool capable of transforming educational landscapes by facilitating personalised learning and enhancing the quality of educational materials and experiences.

The presentation delves into generative AI and its applications in educational settings, highlighting its potential to assist in delivering lessons, evaluating student performance, and functioning as a personalised tutor with individualised learning strategies. However, embracing AI in education comes with significant ethical considerations, such as concerns regarding academic integrity and the need for robust policies and assessments that uphold educational standards.

Furthermore, it discusses the optimal personalised AI learning environments and the necessary skills students must acquire to leverage AI effectively. The role of the More Knowledgeable Other (MKO) in conjunction with AI tools in supporting student learning will also be addressed.

Ultimately, this presentation advocates for a thoughtful integration of AI in teaching Modern Greek, emphasising the necessity for a balanced approach that respects the synergistic potential of human and artificial intelligence, ensuring that both educators and learners benefit from the technological advancements.


Dr Nikolaos Bogiannidis is an accomplished educational leader and subject matter expert who excels in digital learning, professional development, innovation, and research within the educational sector. He has effectively managed organisational change and spearheaded major technology initiatives across diverse settings. His career includes significant contributions to primary, secondary, and higher education and advisory roles in developing online learning systems and international collaborations to design and establish smart learning environments.

His latest research study, Optimising Teaching and Learning with Digital Technologies: Insights and Strategies for the Knowledge Era, investigated the understanding and application of digital technologies among experienced teachers, instructional leaders, students aged 10 to 14, and preservice teachers for educational purposes and daily activities. The study highlighted integrating established and emerging educational theories with practical teaching strategies, particularly focusing on the adaptability of digital tools to enhance learning efficacy. This research identified several effective teaching methodologies, emphasising the need to blend formal and informal learning approaches.

The findings also underscored the transformative potential of digital technologies in creating flexible and responsive educational environments.

Dr Nikolaos Bogiannidis advocates for the strategic use of technology and innovative educational practices to address specific learning requirements, fostering an educational atmosphere adaptable to the evolving challenges of the knowledge era. This approach suggests a paradigm shift in teaching and learning, where digital integration, including Artificial Intelligence, is pivotal in shaping future educational landscapes.

2023 Doctor of Philosophy (Monash University

2013 Master of Education (Monash University)

2007 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Chisholm)

1990 Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (RMIT)

1986 Diploma of Teaching – Primary (Toorak College)